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The purpose of our blog is to share our journey through life with family and friends while we leave our mark on this world. Our 20's have been very kind to us and as we enter the 30's we are hoping to continue to enjoy our time in this thing we call life. I should have called this blog "Traveling through Life".

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall and Thanks

Yesterday we went to Brown County Indiana to enjoy the fall views. We walked around downtown Nashville for a while and I couldn't believe how crowded it was but the weather was wonderful. Then we went to Brown County State Park and did some hiking. The trees there have turned a lot more than up here but we still have a ways to go. (I posted some pics for you Kel so you can see what to look forward to).
On the way home we stopped in Edinburgh that has a huge outlet mall and did some shopping. I bought some baby stuff for my nephew on the way and Matt bought some much needed new running shoes.

The "thanks" part of this post has to do with the Biggest Loser Competition. Matt and I were just saying the other night that we couldn't believe how far we have come in 5 weeks and we owe a big thanks to Kel. If she never would have thought of the idea we would still be sitting on the couch thinking about it. This competition is just what I needed, even if I don't win it. Thanks Kel!

I also owe a big thanks to Matt's cousin Megan. I have been jogging while listening to the radio for a while now and all the commercials and talking distract me when I'm running. I remembered that I had a little MP3 Player that Megan helped me snatch up last year at a X-mas party. It has been the greatest thing for me! I stay so focused and have increased everything this past week. Thanks Megan for helping me scheme to get that!

I also need to give thanks to Brooke for all of her advice to get me through my week of exhaustion. It has been better and I learned to listen to my body more and change things up if need be.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Week 4 Exhaustion

They say when you are dieting/exercising that you are suppose to keep a journal so I've decided this will be it.
There isn't really too much to say about week 3 of the biggest loser, it was pretty steady and I was able to jog at least 30 minutes without stopping for every workout. Week 4 is another story. I thought this was suppose to be easier with time but a major case of exhaustion has kicked in. Sunday started out ok. We hiked a 6 mile trail in Terre Haute and I even ran a little of it. But every workout this week I have had to force myself to jog the 30 minutes that I did all last week. I think my body is telling me that I need a day off since I workout 6 days a week but I'm mentally not ready for that. I can't figure out what's going on. I've tried drinking more water and stretching more but I am still very tired. Friday will be my rest day and I am looking forward to it.
This past weekend was our first chance to test ourselves while visiting family in Terre Haute. For three weeks we have been in our routine at home and been able to still eat healthy on the weekends. We did pretty good this weekend and there wasn't an increase on the scale from it.
This next weekend is an even bigger test when we go to Fowler where there's a lot of good food and we usually stay there longer. Fowler in the fall at my mother-in-laws could be trouble, but luckily she's in the competition too.