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The purpose of our blog is to share our journey through life with family and friends while we leave our mark on this world. Our 20's have been very kind to us and as we enter the 30's we are hoping to continue to enjoy our time in this thing we call life. I should have called this blog "Traveling through Life".

Thursday, July 25, 2013

20 weeks

July 19th.
The fog of the first trimester is behind me, time has sped up and all of a sudden I am half way through this pregnancy! Unbelievable. I know I still have a long way to go but I am thankful for each week that has passed. I read that my uterus has grown up to my belly button by now. That is pretty accurate because that is right where I am feeling his little kicks.

Half way and I have gained 13 lbs. My doctor says this is normal and I’m fine with it too. I read I will probably gain a pound a week now. Ouch! I’m not freaked out about gaining the weight but 20 more does seem like a lot.

If I ever needed an excuse to travel this has been my best yet! We booked our "babymoon" to Hilton Head, SC around Labor Day. Knowing a baby was in our plans this year; I decided a long time ago that I wanted to take a road trip to the Carolinas.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

19 weeks

July 12th.
We had our ultrasound right at 19 weeks. This was our first peek inside and we were both in awe the entire time. I couldn’t believe there was a baby in there. Everything looked great and the baby has developed perfectly. The tech said he was measuring at 19 weeks 5 days and 11 ounces, right on track. His heart rate was 144. The baby kept stretching and had its hands up by its face the entire time. It was really cute to see.

They say every woman falls in love with their baby at different times. Sometimes it happens right when they hear the heartbeat for the first time and sometimes it doesn’t happen until weeks after they are born . For me it was the day I saw his little face at the ultrasound.
I can officially say I have felt movement! I have felt flutters and little waves the past couple of weeks but I wasn’t sure if that was the baby. At the ultrasound the baby kept stretching and the tech said that is probably why I have been feeling waves. At 19 weeks and 3 days I was kicked! It’s the oddest and most amazing feeling. I stop everything I am doing and focus on how many more times I feel it.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gender Reveal Party

I first heard about reveal parties soon after getting pregnant. I knew immediately that I wanted to have one. It sounded like a fun excuse to get both of our families together and reveal our exciting news. We decided to have a backyard barbeque. For the reveal I went with the idea of opening a box with either pink or blue balloons in it.

And the baby is.........

A sweet little boy! We are both very happy!

Everyone was really excited but I can’t say that many were shocked. A lot of people thought it was a boy because of how strongly I felt it was a boy.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


My best friend for over 21 years lives in Seattle but will soon be moving to India for 2 years. We went out there to visit them before their big move. Matt hadn't been to Seattle yet so we checked out all of the hot spots. The weather was perfect and we didn't see a drop of rain!
Me and Sara at Kerry Park
Posing with the Troll.
Pike's Place Market.

The bubble gum wall- a wall down an alley that is covered in chewed up bubble gum. It was pretty gross!

Discovery Park. We spent a lot of time outdoors and did a lot of walking. This pregnant chick didn't do too bad holding her own.

View from the Space Needle.

The Space Needle.

We both really liked the atmosphere in Seattle and had a great visit!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

18 Weeks

July 5th.
During the 18th week we traveled to Seattle. I was a little nervous to fly but everything went smooth and poppy was quiet. I made sure I got up during each flight and stretched my legs. I am so thankful that Sara has a lot of friends in Seattle because I came back with a lot of maternity and baby clothes. Very awesome peeps in Seattle!

I am finding maternity clothes to be the most comfortable for me now. I can still wear my dress clothes for work but everything else I am switching to maternity. I had another Dr. appointment this week. Everything looked great and she said to keep doing whatever I am doing. The baby’s heartbeat was 150 again. She said I will probably start to feel obvious movement in the next 2 weeks. I think I have probably felt some already but it is so sporadic that I don’t know if it counts.

And some bonus pics from vacation!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

17 weeks

June 28th.
We toured the hospital this week. The tour group was unexpectedly large and I was by far the earliest pregnant girl. I felt kind of silly that I’m hardly showing but it also made me feel pretty good about how much of a planner I am. I’m really glad we did this so I can be more comfortable with my surroundings once we arrive there. When the nurse educator was talking about the delivery process I started to get a tad emotional and excited. I’ll be ready when the time comes.
We also started looking at cribs, strollers and other things to prepare for our registry. There are too many options out there! We found a crib we both like, but the stroller/car seat decision will probably take us longer.
I switched over to maternity/nursing bras this week, why did I wait so long? I’m feeling pretty good!