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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Our kitchen cabinets are for the most part finished. We are waiting on more hinges and knobs to get in and we can finish the rest of the doors. It felt really nice getting the kitchen put back together this weekend although we did get use to having the doors off for easy access.

So here is the before pic again......

And here is the transformation!

We went back and forth over our options before doing this:
  • New custom cabinets $10,000- more than we were willing to spend at this house
  • New pre-fabbed cabinets $2,000- still more than we wanted to spend on cabinets at this house
  • Sand and stain ourselves- we attempted this but the grain of our wood made it look like Tiger stripes when we applied the stain and that would drive us nuts
  • Then Matt heard about Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations. After reading several things on it and finding out if would only cost us $120 to do our whole kitchen we were sold.

This is a kit you buy at the store and it's like painting your cabinets but they look stained and you can still see the wood grain. After we tested on the first door we knew this was the most logical thing for us. You leave all of the cabinets on the wall and just remove the doors....therefore our kitchen was still fully functional. It can probably be done over two weekends as there is a lot of drying time in between. Also it takes a lot of patience and a steady painting hand.

Now that the cabinets are done we are going to start thinking countertops, backsplashes, and paint.

Oh and I really hate my WHITE stove now!

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