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The purpose of our blog is to share our journey through life with family and friends while we leave our mark on this world. Our 20's have been very kind to us and as we enter the 30's we are hoping to continue to enjoy our time in this thing we call life. I should have called this blog "Traveling through Life".

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Baby Pics

I haven't been very good at taking pictures of Cameron but I hate disturbing him when he looks so cozy snuggled up in blankets. Hopefully I will get a lot more over Christmas. He is doing very well and is such a good baby. He is just so precious that I might try and bring him home with me :) Matt says that he is the new man in my life and I can't argue.


Nagel Bagels said...

SO CUTE!!! Oh my goodness! I just want to come through the computer and love on him! Almost makes me want one of my own...ALMOST!! Merry Christmas and be safe traveling!!

Grandma Wanda said...

How cute is he?!! And Grandma looks very proud!

Kelly said...

What a cutie pie! I can't wait to meet him. You should bring him to Christmas!