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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Two Weeks Postpartum

Two weeks have gone by way too fast. I can't believe I have a newborn baby. He is doing really well according to his pediatrician. Once we worked through some breastfeeding struggles he is finally starting to gain weight. He settled in to a routine pretty quickly although as a newborn he is still unpredictable.
I am adjusting pretty well. The first week was rough because emotions were high and I was running off of very little sleep.  I would say my physical recovery has been fast. I really felt back to myself while we were still in the hospital. I have had the hardest time adjusting to the demands of breastfeeding though. It by far has been the hardest part of this whole experience. I would go through labor 5 times over than experience my first week of nursing again. Luckily I asked for help early and things are getting better.
I gained 33 lbs while pregnant and I am about 10 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. I'm sure breastfeeding is responsible for a lot of it.
As they say things are getting better every day!


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Sara Nagel said...

You are absolutely glowing! Jackson is adorable and you look beautiful as ever!