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The purpose of our blog is to share our journey through life with family and friends while we leave our mark on this world. Our 20's have been very kind to us and as we enter the 30's we are hoping to continue to enjoy our time in this thing we call life. I should have called this blog "Traveling through Life".

Thursday, August 1, 2013

21 weeks

July 26th.
This week we completed a baby registry. I did not anticipate how long it would take or how mentally exhausted I would be. It’s hard to think about everything you may need for your baby in the span of a couple hours. We are both starting to feel a little short on time to get everything ready at home just because the rest of our summer is still pretty busy. I know we have a lot of time but just in case he decides to come early I want to be ready.

I’ve been feeling really good lately. My energy has been great and I am trying to focus more on exercise and diet now.

Funny story for the week. Some people at work still don’t know about me so the rumors are flying. Most people look at me funny and some have asked other co-workers if I have gained weight. One person straight out said, “I am going to tell you Congratulations because someone told me weeks ago but it is very obvious now.” Once I got the news out there in the beginning I felt akward bringing it up out of the blue so I stopped telling people and figured it would get around. I guess I need a t-shirt that says, “Yes I have gained weight because I’m pregnant!”


Sara said...

YAY for the baby registry being done...now I can SHOP!!! Were did you two register? You look wonderful and I am so glad you are feeling great! I love and miss you!

Amanda said...

We registered at Babies R Us and Target.