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Monday, June 17, 2013

Telling Family at 10 weeks

On the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend we went to Fowler for a cookout. We wanted to show up early enough to tell Matt’s parents privately before other family showed up. I thought of an idea of placing the announcement on a wine bottle and giving that to Wanda as a gift. I made a small discrete label and stuck it on the bottom of the bottle so she wouldn’t notice it. She opened the bottle of wine and Matt started telling her a story about how this winery was known for putting custom labels on the bottom of the bottles. Wanda listened to his story and then just set down the bottle of wine. Then Matt said “Wanie look at the bottom of the bottle!” On the bottom the label read “Baby Sondgeroth Ready to Enjoy on December 6th”.

She screamed instantly and was very excited about the news. We then told the rest of his family throughout the day.

On Sunday we went to Terre Haute to tell my family. When I buy my mother a gift for any occasion I always buy her an outfit. She almost expects it and likes the clothes I pick out for her. I wrapped her gift as normal but at the bottom of the bag I wrapped up another very small package. I bought her a baby onesie that said “I Love My Grandma”. For some reason my mom thought I was buying her a vacation for mother’s day so when she got to the little package at the bottom of the bag she thought it was her trip information. When she opened the onesie she froze and wasn’t sure why I had bought this for her and then it sank in. My entire family was shocked and very excited.

I’m really glad that we were able to fool every one for so long because we wanted big reactions out of both sides and we definitely got them.

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Anonymous said...

I wish you hadn't fooled us for so long! For the future - I'm a GREAT secret keeper :)