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Friday, June 21, 2013

What's it going to be?

We have been calling it poppy for the longest time and that sounds feminine to me so I refer to it as she. “She wanted ice cream. “ She wanted me to take a nap.”

Matt thinks it is a girl but I have a strong feeling it is a boy. I don’t want to get my hopes up one way or another so we will patiently wait for July 12th to come around. The big ultrasound.

For fun I wanted to test out some of the old methods for determining the sex of a baby.
Pee in a cup with baking soda in it and see if it fizzes. It did not fizz = GIRL
Less morning sickness means boy.  I had my fair share = GIRL
Craving sweet stuff or salty stuff? Sweets = GIRL
Chinese Predictor Chart says GIRL
My skin has broken out more= GIRL
Is the fetal heart rate over or under 140 beats? Over = GIRL
Ring Test. Put your wedding ring on a string and dangle it over your belly to see if sways back and forth or in a circle. Back and forth =  BOY
Mayan Method. If your age at conception and year of conception are both even or both odd mean Girl. I was 30 in 2013 = BOY
Dearly departed great-grandmother’s message from above = GIRL

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Anonymous said...

I love reading all your research info!! I am going to say "boy"! Grandma Sondgeroth